Romak are denture specialists. Since our inception, we have developed a client roster of over 200 dentists nationwide and made or repaired over 100,000 dentures at our well-equipped modern laboratories.

Nitradine Shine Removable Appliance Toothpaste

Nitradine Shine Removable Appliance ToothpasteNitradine Shine has been especially formulated to clean, whiten, refresh and polish your denture or removable appliance. It is designed to be used on a daily basis as part of your daily cleansing routine.

Nitradine Shine not only cleans your appliance but also safely disinfects it. It will not corrode, discolour or distort your appliance in any way and is recommended for use with all types of removable dentures.

  • Polishes and cleans
  • Refreshes
  • Stain Reduction

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