Romak are denture specialists. Since our inception, we have developed a client roster of over 200 dentists nationwide and made or repaired over 100,000 dentures at our well-equipped modern laboratories.

MGC Mouthguard Cleaner

mouthguard cleanerMGC™, a specially formulated, efficient and hygienic professional Cleaner and Disinfectant specifically for Mouthguards.

NOT just a cleaner, MGC™ is also an effective disinfectant against; candida albicans (oral thrush), actinomyces viscosus, streptococcus mutans and streptococcus pyogenes. Pathogens commonly found on removable oral appliances.

MGC™ has been specially formulated in a fast acting powder form, reducing the chance of delamination of multilayer Mouthguards.

MGC™ is economically packaged in 12 weekly sachets. The prepared MGC™ solution remains active for up to 7 days, for multi-use.

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